24 December 2013

25 November 2013

Christmas Scene Frame

Hope you aren´t bored from my IKEA finds yet. Cause here´s another one.

So I have this frame, light box thing dangling around for a while. It was kinda waiting for the action to come in.
Basically inspired by this DIY I made a Christmas scene with trees and miniature Christmas ornaments.

All you need is a frame, a wintery picture of your choice, some trees and Christmas ornaments.
When I find the artificial snow in the boxes, I´ll add that too.

So, all you have to do is to attach the picture in the passepartout and glue your little items in the frame.

Assemble and your done!

24 November 2013

Mirror Mirror On The Wall...

...who´s the fairest of them all?

I´m trying not to buy so much decorative items (huzzy calls them clutter), before we move to our new home. I´m trying really hard, I can tell you. But I guess I´m failing here quite bad. So anyway, I took a stroll through IKEA again and found these nice little mirrors for 1,99!

Couldn´t resist and I bought a few. They are plain frames with a tiny mirror in the middle and I felt like I need to spruce them up a bit.

No sooner thought than done:
All you need is a pearl maker or fabric liner or paint marker and a mirror in a frame.

I printed out the words, cause my handwriting is not the prettiest.
Trace and apply the liner, marker, maker smooth and easy and fast. Done!

I went for the "Mirror, mirror on the wall..." with the turqouise frame and a happy "Nice to see you!" made with a labeler with the white one. Easy and encouraging, maybe a Christmas gift for your girlfriends?

Nice having you over on my blog!

21 November 2013

Handmade Christmas Gifts

Christmas is getting closer! Here is a little collection of my DIY that would make a nice little Christmas happy for your loved ones: 

Fix some fruit in Rum
Crochet a trendy slouchy beanie
Spruce up a plain frame
Make a customized ex libris stamp
Make a fancy carrot-apple-orange jam
Stitch up a name plate

Instant Christmas Tree

I´m sad that I can´t have our home decorated for Christmas this year, since we are moving around Christmas. Well, I guess huzzy is not as sad as I am :-)
He just is the one that has to carry the numerous boxes I store in the basement with Christmas stuff to our new home.
So, living pretty close to IKEA has the one or the other advantage... I found a kind a curtain called LIAMARIA, that has a Christmas tree printed on and it even glows in the dark! I´ll attach some ornaments and the instant Christmas decoration is done. Awesome!
LIAMARIA Wanddekoration IKEA Die Wanddekoration leuchtet in verdunkelten Räumen.
Scoure: ikea.de

10 November 2013

Paper Snowflake Ornaments

Christmas is coming. It´s only 6 weeks and I wanna share an easy DIY that is done in a few steps and you have for sure all the supplies at home.

You need:
5 sheets of square paper size depending on how big you want your snowflake
cutter or scissors
glue stick

Gather your supplies. Fold the paper to rectangle and again.

Take the folded triangle and cut 3 times close to fold and open up the paper.

Get your glue ready and start gluing the first two "wings" together. Turn your piece and glue the next two wings together. Repeat with the remaining wings. I used clothespins to secure.

Repeat with all 5 pieces of paper and let them dry. Glue 3 and 2 together as shown in the picture and let the glue dry. Tape the two pieces together and add a hanger, if desired.

A couple of those snowflakes would make a nice winter mobile, what do you think?

09 November 2013

Perler Beads

With our move to the new house getting closer, I´m trying to sort out stuff we don´t need anymore. You´ve probably been there done that :-) I start super motivated but then I get lost in the treasure I find all the way back in the drawers or closets. This time I found my perler beads ...

 I haven´t used them in ages and was immediately in perling mode...

I knocked off a coaster and will make more later. And a few more little items just to practice again. :-)
I can imagine to do some snowflakes for Christmas decoration later. I´ll keep you posted.

07 November 2013

Buffet makeover

As I announced earlier, we will move end of December into our new home.
I´m pretty excited and I´m in full DIY mode.

We were lucky, that we got the buffet I always wanted for free. Here´s what it looked like when I got it.

It is a 1956 kitchen buffet and the best is that the drawers are in my favorite color: turquoise!
But the rest of it needed some paint.

So I reassembled all parts as good as possible. The doors, shelves, metal fixtures and started to sand it. Once everything was prepared, I used a spray paint primer. Sanded it again and applied one coat of white paint.

I´m done now with the top and the bottom part will follow soon...


That´s how the top part looks now:

The bottom part needs some more coats of paint, but I´m getting close to finish this project off.
I´m pretty excited, since I´m working on this puppy for ever :-)

01 November 2013

Weekend DIY | Keychains

Did you guys have a great Halloween? 
It is the first day of the 3-day-weekend, because of the All Saints public holiday here in Bavaria and so there is a lot of time to DIY something. 

Here are some ideas to fancy up your keychain. I´m definitely gonna do one or two of them. Check it out:  

19 October 2013

Art Supply Portable

I used to paint, draw whenever wherever when I was a kid. Not that I´m claiming to be good at it, I just love to draw, scribble, and paint. I lost that a little bit.
Well, I´m painting some at home, but I don´t doodle around so much any more :-(
Inspired by that post  I had to make a portable art supply book for me. So I can draw, paint whenever I see something, when we travel etc. Practice makes perfect, you know :-)

So this is how it turned out:

I filled it with pencils with different hardness, water brushes in different sizes and my favorite pen for outlines and doodling (it won´t smudge when you watercolor it, awesome!) and an Altoids-Watercolor-Travel-Set that I attached with Velcro.

The watercolor travel set is made out of an empty Altoids tin. I glued a magnet on the bottom of the watercolor things and put those with a watercolor sponge in the tin. Glue on side of the Velcro on the bottom of the tin and the other side to an empty spot of your book.

So, ready to go and do some art!