19 February 2013

Puffy beanie

In the winter time I´m always in the mood for knitting and crocheting,
so I´m gonna share an easy to crochet, puffy, slouchy beanie with you!

You need:
1-2 skeins of your favourite wool  (I really like the Universal from Wolle Rödel, 125m /50gr here)
Hook 5mm
Needles 4-4,5mm optional for the cuff

Chain 72 and close (check before closing, if it fits around your head. Chain more or less when needed.
Chain 1, 1 sc in each stitch to end of round, slip stitch to chain 1 to join. Repeat till desired height of the cuff

I knitted the cuff, 2 knit 2 purl.
Now we start the puff stich:

Yarn over, Insert hook into indicated stitch
repeat till 5 loops are on your hook yarn over again and draw the yarn through all the loops on the hook.  This completes the puff. Chain 1 to secure the stitch.
That´s the puff!

Puff-Tutorial but I made the experience, that 7 loops are too puffy :-)

Puff stich 12 rows or 19cm measured without the cuff.
Next row decrease, leave every third stich,

from the next row stich just every second until 3 puffs or height 25cm, sew up, done!

Have fun with it!

17 February 2013

Hello Mr. Robin

I really, really like birds.
I can sit for hours at my kitchen table and watch the birdies at our bird house.

But I have a favorite, it is the Robin. Unfortunately I never got to take a picture of that shy bird, so I just painted Mr Robin. Not quite happy how it turned out, but I´ll keep on practicing :-)

16 February 2013


"I´m so crafty I sweat glitter..."

Welcome to my little world of crafting, knitting, painting, gardening...
I´m from Bavaria, Germany married to my lovely American husband.

I´m going to write this Blog about me and my stuff in English, sometimes German.
But feel free to contact me from wherever with whatever question in whatever language.
I also wanna apologize in advance for any language, grammar mistakes I make.
(Especially in German, since I´m a Bavarian girl :-)

Happy crafting!