21 April 2013

Tower of Herb or the Tower of Power

Inspired by this I made my own Tower of Herbs or the Tower of Power. 
Herbs are so healthy and make everything muy delicioso :-)

I actually have two towers now, since one couldn´t hold all my herbs.
Following herbs will be in my pots:


My favourite book for herbal homespun remedies here or English version here

18 April 2013

String art

For my wedding I made some huge string art to include the colour scheme in an empty corner where we had our reception.

The idea is pretty old, since my father used to create some string art back in the 80´s. Sorry for not sharing those masterpieces with you :-)

Here´s what I´m planing to do next

16 April 2013

Headache soothing temple balm

Do you know the kinda headache that crawls up your neck to your temples?
There is an old homespun remedy to put mint oil on your temples, but I do not particularly like this, cause it burns.

For all us sensitive girls out there I´ve got the solution:

The headache soothing temple balm!

You need:

Almond oil
Mint oil

Melt 1Tbsp sheabutter and 1/2Tsbp beeswax. I put all the ingredients in a glas and microwaved it, less than a minute at 300Watt.
Stir 1Tbsp almond oil and a few drops mint oil in it and fill it in container, let it cool off. Done!

Here are the according labels

15 April 2013

My Hometown Regensburg

11 April 2013

Life´s too short for Knäckebrot

Life´s to short for Knäckebrot (crispbread), I want chocolate!
The guys from Schokoladl in Regensburg are so right...

Found this one on a stroll downtown Regensburg :-)

08 April 2013

Peter Pan Collar - Necklace Tutorial

You now see those Peter pan collars all over, looks like we need a DIY on this one. Here we go!

You need:
Pattern here
Press button
Rings z.B.

I used some suede for the collar, unfortunately all the fuzz sticks to it :-(But I didn´t need to double the fabric or use any other fusing.

So, cut the fabric. Punch 2 holes in each piece as marked on the pattern. I used a hole punch, but you can cut it with scissors also. Attach the rings to the necklace - in desired length - and attach them to the collar Sew a press button on the collar, this is going to be the closure. Done!

For a more fancy look you could spice it up with pearls, rhinestone and so on.

I might knock off one with lace this weekend


04 April 2013

I´m so ready for spring to come ...

This is my sad little garden right now :-(

I have a lot of ideas, only the wheather doesn´t work with me (yet).
Though the hyacinths woke up already. Hopefully I can get out there on the weekend, Update will follow...

03 April 2013

Pendants made out of little twigs :-)

On Plan B ´s side I found a great idea, check it out here

Little twigs wrapped with yarn, wool, or floss. Sensational idea! I had to do it immediately on my own ...

 Ana´s super Tutorial