20 May 2013

Needle & Thread Pin Cushion Embroidery Pattern

Today is a holiday and I had some time to do something fun and handy.
Since I do not possess a pin cushion, but a lot of needles that are dangling around all the time, it was time to make one.

Here we go:

Gather your materials:

Felt matching thread
Embroidery floss
Pattern (deutsche Version)

Print out the pattern and cut your felt accordingly. 
I used a straight stitch for the letters, the needle and thread and a satin stitch for the spool.

I also stitched a needle on the top circle

Once you stitches all parts as desired, sew the bottom and top left side together and make sure to leave the overlapping parts of the body open as shown below. Turn the project around to the right side.

Grab your batting and fill the cushion generously. Sew up the opening and enjoy your pin cushion!

Love, Viv

Apples to apples...

Insect Hotel

Are you having trouble with those vine fretters/aphids?
Unfortunately, I have a lot of them. They are ugly and the worst is that they always come with ants.
My garden is full of those unpleasant roomies, urgh!

I do not wanna use chemical, poisonous pesticide, so I decided to get good roomies in my garden to fight the bad ones.
I got the idea from this post and knocked off this pretty Insect Hotel, Insect Nesting Aid with the help of my huzzy and my father.

I filled the departments with wood, twigs, straw, pine cones whatever we found on a recent hiking tour.
One department is filled with reed and I still need to get some clay for the wild bee department.
The almost covered department will hopefully host ear crawlers and ladybugs!

The red painted department is supposed to attract green lacewing.

I will keep you updated as soon as I got any residents :-)

05 May 2013

Faith - Love - Hope Embroidery Pattern

Lately I´m into embroidery. First I thought that's kinda old fashioned, especially with the patterns you can find in stores. Than I came across "Doodle Stitching", such a fun and fresh way to spice up your crafts!

I started with some easy stitches and the first project was a name plate.

Joining the nautical trend I designed an embroidery pattern (can be downloaded here)

I used a spilt stitch for the lettering and a satin stitch for the heart.

Before I stitched the heart, I cut out a piece of heart shaped felt, stitched it to the fabric and stuffed it with batting to create a 3D effect. Stitch it up completly with straight satin stitches.


04 May 2013

Spice up your old shoes

As the summer is coming fast now, I got my summer shoes from the basement and I found an old pair of plain white canvas shoes. These shoes were yelling "spice me up!"

I grabbed my fabric markers and painted a simple leopard print on them. 

If desired, you could paint your shoes with an according base. I left mine white.
Then just paint the spots randomly over the entire shoe, here green. Don´t pay too much attention on the shape, since the black outlines make it look like a leopard print. 
Outline the spots partially; I figured, that outlining the entire spot doesn´t do the job. Let dry according the instructions of your marker, done!

Enjoy your new old shoes!