20 May 2013

Insect Hotel

Are you having trouble with those vine fretters/aphids?
Unfortunately, I have a lot of them. They are ugly and the worst is that they always come with ants.
My garden is full of those unpleasant roomies, urgh!

I do not wanna use chemical, poisonous pesticide, so I decided to get good roomies in my garden to fight the bad ones.
I got the idea from this post and knocked off this pretty Insect Hotel, Insect Nesting Aid with the help of my huzzy and my father.

I filled the departments with wood, twigs, straw, pine cones whatever we found on a recent hiking tour.
One department is filled with reed and I still need to get some clay for the wild bee department.
The almost covered department will hopefully host ear crawlers and ladybugs!

The red painted department is supposed to attract green lacewing.

I will keep you updated as soon as I got any residents :-)