22 June 2013

Glitter up some sunglasses

Recently I purchased a big glitter pack with 30 different shades.
I glittered up a bunch items already, a candle holder, an old wine bottle, some keys and so on.
Nothing is safe!

Check out how to glitter up some boring sunglasses.

Gather your materials:
Mod Podge or similar product

First tape the glasses so you don´t have to worry about getting glitter on the glasses.
Apply mod podge to the frame. Work on small areas so the glue doesn´t dry before you get the glitter on. Work your way around the frame and let dry.
After it dried completely, I added a coat of clear nail polish for a glossy finish. Done!

I might add a color pop to the inside of the bows. What do you think?

21 June 2013

Picnic with friends

Close to our home there is a monument called Walhalla. It´s a huge Parthenon look alike hall of fame of famous, important Germans. In the summertime lots of people hang out there on the steps drinking, playing the guitar, just having a good time with friends.
We went up there to have a picnic and enjoy the beautiful view on the river Danube.

This picturesque landscape and the one or another adult beverage just forced us to a little photo shoot.
Thanks, girls!


16 June 2013

Strawberry punch and a stroll through a friends garden

We had a barbecue at a friends and she´s got beautiful flowers in her garden.
I´m glad I took some pictures before she served that fancy punch with Prosecco, white wine fresh strawberries and mint :-)

12 June 2013

My new - and first - shop!

I just opened my new shop at DaWanda! I´m pretty excited about that :-)
I will fill it with a lot of fun and pretty stuff and hopefully you guys take a look!


09 June 2013

Homemade Apple-Carrot-Orange Jam

I´m a proud owner of a Thermomix.
This crazy machine is full of German engineering and I love it and use it almost every day.
This little wonder cooks, chops, steams, boils, stirs, etc.

It was never easier to make some homemade jam! I already made a lot before I had the machine, cause I love jam!

Here is the recipe of the latest batch I made: Apple-Carrot-Orange Jam

You need:
Jam sugar 2:1 (ration between fruit and sugar, I like the less sweet better)
300gr apples
300gr carrots
350gr fresh orange juice
empty jars

Before you start preparing your jam, get the jars ready.
Make sure you clean them thoroughly, cause you do not wanna go your jam bad! I boil the empty jars or sauce glasses that I bought at the store and reuse in a mixture of water with vinegar. Be careful getting them out of the hot water, I use kitchen tools. Set aside and let cool off.

Chop the apples and carrots really fine in your blender; add the orange juice and sugar. Boil the mixture as given with the instructions of your sugar. Mine takes 4 minutes to be ready to be filled in the jars.
Fill the jars and screw the lid tight; you´re done, enjoy it!

For the labels visit worldlabel.com

07 June 2013

Weekend DIY | Garland

I was cleaning my windows yesterday and with these sparkling windows I need some fancy garlands.
Here are some ideas:

Tissue Paper Garland

Love, Viv

The ruins of a medieval castle


Recently I went to my favourite playground when I was little.
It is a ruin of a castle in Donaustauf, where my family used to live for a while. I really love the mystic atmosphere this precious spot has...




Love, Viv

It has been a while since I was posting.

We had  a huge flood here and all over Europe.
It´s been crazy, though I´m not personally affected. All my prayers go to those who lost their home to the river.

Scource nordbayern.de/