04 July 2013

Yellow ombre!

I found some fabric paint in my drawer and I figured I need to use it immediately.
So I grabbed a white shirt, white canvas shoes and a white tote bag.

It is sooo easy! Just grab your materials, and let´s get it started.

You wanna prepare the items you want to dye. First and most important: Clean them!
Get the laces out of the shoes. After that, make them wet when they are not already.
Oh, and put newspaper on the surface you work on. 

Prepare your paint/dye. I mixed 1/4 cup of paint with 1/2 cup of water and filled it in a mug with a wide opening. Dip your items for a few minutes. Since they are wet, the paint will soak up lightly and create the ombre effect on its own.

Hang it upside and watch it become ombre.

Let it dry, done!

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