27 August 2013

Beer Liqueur

I need to share a super easy gift idea with you. It´s a beer liqueur!

It is so easy and delicious, you might wanna keep all of it. Or at least I do :-)
Even my American Mother in law approved it! And she is not a beer person. I´m for sure, cause I´m Bavarian.

So let´s get it started. You need:

Empty bottles (small ones make a nice present for e.g. Christmas, I used a big one to stay with me)
0,5 Liter Lager beer of your choice min 5% alc
0,7 Liter plain schnapps (I used corn liqueur)
1 cup brown sugar
1 tbsp vanilla / 1 vanilla bean

Pour the beer and the sugar in a pot. Heat it up, till sugar is dissolved. Make sure it does not boil!
Put aside and let it cool off. Once cooled off, pour the Schnapps and add the vanilla.
If you use a vanilla bean, scrap the inside and add it. You can also toss the left over bean in the Schnapps, so you don´t waste anything.

Pour in bottles and you´re done!
Add some tags and you have a fancy gift.

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