19 October 2013

Art Supply Portable

I used to paint, draw whenever wherever when I was a kid. Not that I´m claiming to be good at it, I just love to draw, scribble, and paint. I lost that a little bit.
Well, I´m painting some at home, but I don´t doodle around so much any more :-(
Inspired by that post  I had to make a portable art supply book for me. So I can draw, paint whenever I see something, when we travel etc. Practice makes perfect, you know :-)

So this is how it turned out:

I filled it with pencils with different hardness, water brushes in different sizes and my favorite pen for outlines and doodling (it won´t smudge when you watercolor it, awesome!) and an Altoids-Watercolor-Travel-Set that I attached with Velcro.

The watercolor travel set is made out of an empty Altoids tin. I glued a magnet on the bottom of the watercolor things and put those with a watercolor sponge in the tin. Glue on side of the Velcro on the bottom of the tin and the other side to an empty spot of your book.

So, ready to go and do some art!

17 October 2013

Subtle Message On A Vase

I found this classic vase at the attic. 
Not would I call exciting, it even was in a weird green and I sprayed it ivory some time ago.

So this vase was dangling around on top of my kitchen shelf waiting for the spotlight. I grabbed my bead making pen (here) and started to make beads on the vase. Still not what I was looking for.
So I wrote thank you for the flowers on it. Maybe this will help to get more flowers from huzzy :-) I´m so subtle sometimes...

Still waiting on flowers...

15 October 2013

Birch Log Tealight Holders

My parents have a fireplace in their living room. Well, it is a wood-burning fireplace insert I guess. I had to look that one up.

So anyway, my father likes to chop wood and not just get the convenient already chopped up wood. To be honest, I hate doing this work but on the other hand I like the cozy heat the fireplace produces. Every year my parents, me and my brother have to chop and stack a one years supply of wood, puhh!

I got my hands on some birch logs and talked my father to not make firewood out of it. Instead I asked him to make some tealight holders for me. Thats pretty easy, of you have the right tools on hand.
My dad has and we made at least 10 birch log tealight holders in a few minutes. Just cut them in different length and use a drill to get the moulds for tea lights. Thats it! 

13 October 2013

Welcome Fall

I love fall, maybe because I was born in October. 
The leaves turn in those pretty yellowish-orange-red colors. I had to grab my camera and take some pictures in our neighborhood. Check it out... 

11 October 2013

Weekend DIY | Pumpkins

It is time for getting the house ready for fall and Halloween. Halloween is not such a big deal here in Germany but fall is and we like to decorate. At least I do :-)

Here are some ideas for some fancy pumpkins that you can do on the weekend!

Fruit in Rum aka Christmas Present or the Good Old German Rumtopf

A few years ago I started to make homemade little Christmas happies for my relatives.
Little happies that´s what my sweet mother in law calls little presents :-).

I started this tradition because I have a huge family and as a poor student at university I couldn´t afford to really buy them stuff. My aunts seem to like the homemade presents better anyway.
Over the last couple of years I made homemade jams, liquors, soaps, chocolate on a stick, I knitted scarfs and beanies,  I did cookies in a jar, and so on. The tricky thing is to come up with new presents every year.

This year I´m gonna fix Fruit in Rum aka the good old German Rumtopf. Tastes great with ice cream, cake or any kind of desert.

Here´s my recipe.

You need for 3 liter:

3 x 1 Liter mason jar or other preserving container
6 organic oranges
6 peaches
3 pairs
1.5 cup of strong black tea
3 cups sugar
1.5 Liter of Rum
Spices (mark of 1 vanilla bean, 3 cinnamon sticks, 3 cardamom pods, 3 star anise)

Zest one orange and heat the zests up with sugar, black tea, the spices and 2 cups of  Rum, let it simmer for 30 Minutes. Let cool off.
In the meantime peel the oranges, so nothing of the white is left. Cut out the segments w/o any of the membranes or skin, here is a great tutorial. Cut the peaches and pairs in slices and fill each glass with one sliced pair, the "sections" of two oranges and two sliced peaches.

Once the prepared liquid has cooled off add the remaining Rum. Pour the mixture in the glasses till all the fruits are covered. I put one cinnamon stick and one star anise on top.

Let the Rumtopf sit for at least 6 weeks. Done!

I will fill the fruit and liquid in smaller 0.3 Liter mason jars and add a nice tag for Christmas.
I´ll keep you updated...

04 October 2013

Knitting Season is on

Fall is coming! Time to grab a cup of tea and some needles.

I really enjoy the fall, the smell, leaves turning into these yellow-red orange-colors.
I like to get cozy on my couch and knit or read. And with the fall coming pretty early this year I could finish some projects already.

An antique pink set of a beanie, a loop, and a headband:

 A grey version of my puffy beanie, tutorial here:

A black beret:

And right now I´m working on this mustard colored project. I got this awesome colored wool (6 balls of wool) at the grocery store for 5 bucks! I will knit a beanie and a scarf out of it.

What are you working on?

01 October 2013

We gonna move!

We are so happy and blessed, finally we can rent an affordable house out!
It is in the village where I grew up and most most of my family lives, including my parents.

We will be able to actually host people.
Right now we are in best case just throwing mattresses on the living room floor of our 1 bedroom apartment and hope the best for our guests.
And we have a lot of sleeping over guests, since huzzy is a baseball coach and brings a lot of people over. We once had 16 humans sleeping over for a night... Crazy!
Not to mention our american family and friends that come visit Germany...

It will be so much better with double the square feet, 3 bedrooms and a huge basement that will work as the hostel for all the ball players.

I can tell my prayers have been answered.
I´ll show you pictures of our new house once we start renovating it.