19 October 2013

Art Supply Portable

I used to paint, draw whenever wherever when I was a kid. Not that I´m claiming to be good at it, I just love to draw, scribble, and paint. I lost that a little bit.
Well, I´m painting some at home, but I don´t doodle around so much any more :-(
Inspired by that post  I had to make a portable art supply book for me. So I can draw, paint whenever I see something, when we travel etc. Practice makes perfect, you know :-)

So this is how it turned out:

I filled it with pencils with different hardness, water brushes in different sizes and my favorite pen for outlines and doodling (it won´t smudge when you watercolor it, awesome!) and an Altoids-Watercolor-Travel-Set that I attached with Velcro.

The watercolor travel set is made out of an empty Altoids tin. I glued a magnet on the bottom of the watercolor things and put those with a watercolor sponge in the tin. Glue on side of the Velcro on the bottom of the tin and the other side to an empty spot of your book.

So, ready to go and do some art!

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