15 October 2013

Birch Log Tealight Holders

My parents have a fireplace in their living room. Well, it is a wood-burning fireplace insert I guess. I had to look that one up.

So anyway, my father likes to chop wood and not just get the convenient already chopped up wood. To be honest, I hate doing this work but on the other hand I like the cozy heat the fireplace produces. Every year my parents, me and my brother have to chop and stack a one years supply of wood, puhh!

I got my hands on some birch logs and talked my father to not make firewood out of it. Instead I asked him to make some tealight holders for me. Thats pretty easy, of you have the right tools on hand.
My dad has and we made at least 10 birch log tealight holders in a few minutes. Just cut them in different length and use a drill to get the moulds for tea lights. Thats it!