01 October 2013

We gonna move!

We are so happy and blessed, finally we can rent an affordable house out!
It is in the village where I grew up and most most of my family lives, including my parents.

We will be able to actually host people.
Right now we are in best case just throwing mattresses on the living room floor of our 1 bedroom apartment and hope the best for our guests.
And we have a lot of sleeping over guests, since huzzy is a baseball coach and brings a lot of people over. We once had 16 humans sleeping over for a night... Crazy!
Not to mention our american family and friends that come visit Germany...

It will be so much better with double the square feet, 3 bedrooms and a huge basement that will work as the hostel for all the ball players.

I can tell my prayers have been answered.
I´ll show you pictures of our new house once we start renovating it.