07 November 2013

Buffet makeover

As I announced earlier, we will move end of December into our new home.
I´m pretty excited and I´m in full DIY mode.

We were lucky, that we got the buffet I always wanted for free. Here´s what it looked like when I got it.

It is a 1956 kitchen buffet and the best is that the drawers are in my favorite color: turquoise!
But the rest of it needed some paint.

So I reassembled all parts as good as possible. The doors, shelves, metal fixtures and started to sand it. Once everything was prepared, I used a spray paint primer. Sanded it again and applied one coat of white paint.

I´m done now with the top and the bottom part will follow soon...


That´s how the top part looks now:

The bottom part needs some more coats of paint, but I´m getting close to finish this project off.
I´m pretty excited, since I´m working on this puppy for ever :-)

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