24 November 2013

Mirror Mirror On The Wall...

...who´s the fairest of them all?

I´m trying not to buy so much decorative items (huzzy calls them clutter), before we move to our new home. I´m trying really hard, I can tell you. But I guess I´m failing here quite bad. So anyway, I took a stroll through IKEA again and found these nice little mirrors for 1,99!

Couldn´t resist and I bought a few. They are plain frames with a tiny mirror in the middle and I felt like I need to spruce them up a bit.

No sooner thought than done:
All you need is a pearl maker or fabric liner or paint marker and a mirror in a frame.

I printed out the words, cause my handwriting is not the prettiest.
Trace and apply the liner, marker, maker smooth and easy and fast. Done!

I went for the "Mirror, mirror on the wall..." with the turqouise frame and a happy "Nice to see you!" made with a labeler with the white one. Easy and encouraging, maybe a Christmas gift for your girlfriends?

Nice having you over on my blog!

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