10 November 2013

Paper Snowflake Ornaments

Christmas is coming. It´s only 6 weeks and I wanna share an easy DIY that is done in a few steps and you have for sure all the supplies at home.

You need:
5 sheets of square paper size depending on how big you want your snowflake
cutter or scissors
glue stick

Gather your supplies. Fold the paper to rectangle and again.

Take the folded triangle and cut 3 times close to fold and open up the paper.

Get your glue ready and start gluing the first two "wings" together. Turn your piece and glue the next two wings together. Repeat with the remaining wings. I used clothespins to secure.

Repeat with all 5 pieces of paper and let them dry. Glue 3 and 2 together as shown in the picture and let the glue dry. Tape the two pieces together and add a hanger, if desired.

A couple of those snowflakes would make a nice winter mobile, what do you think?

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