31 January 2014

Weekend DIY | Statement Wall

We moved in our new house end of last month. The only thing that me and huzzy agreed on was keeping all walls white :-)
I love our white walls, cause they make the rooms bright, airy, and alterable.
Though the house needs some statements. Check out the easy statement walls you can whip up on the weekend.

Buffet Makeover Update

The buffet is at its final destination.
You can check out the process of the makeover here.
Man, this thing took some work, but I´m so happy how it turned out! My parents told me to get rid of it in the beginning, cause they thought the buffet was really ugly. Even they had to admit, that it turned out to be a beauty.
Check it out now.

29 January 2014

It´s Been A While...

.. since I´ve had time for blogging. I´ve been very busy with moving, Christmas, New Year and our annual trip to the US to visit my huzzys family. But now I´m back in our new house, full of ideas and stuff I wanna share with you. Stay tuned!  

03 January 2014

2014 Goals

Usually I do not make any new year resolutions.
I tried, but failed every single year. Especially with the eat healthier and work out stuff.

Well, I need some ass kicking.
I found this lovely goals booklet here and I´m gonna do it like they suggest; break up the year in quarters to keep you motivated and the goals will be more realistic.

Source: www.ruthiauda.com/blog/

My goals are:
- 2 photo challenges
- run 5k
- learn calligraphy

Did you make resolutions for 2014?

01 January 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Happy new year 2014!
We had an awesome New Years Eve with friends, fondue, firework, and fun.
I fixed a cheese fondue and it was exquisite. To be honest, I got this recipe from my cousin, he is a chef. And you can tell he is good at what he is doing :-)
So did you have a good start in 2014?