02 February 2014

The Hollywood Cafe

You probably heard that song before: "Walking in Memphis" Marc Cohn.
Well turned out, that The Hollywood Cafe close to where my parents in law live, is the spot where the video was shot. I love such stories. I was kinda mad at my huzzy, that it took him 3 years to show me this hot-spot.

The night we finally went out there was a blast. A band was playing and the thing was packed. I really love the interior and I´m already planning on having a branch with fairy lights installed in our house somewhere!

Not to mention that it is the home of the Fried Dill Pickle! Not particular my favourite, but hey: they invented it, so I had fried pickles that night. And they were pretty good! So last but not least even John Grisham was a regular guest in The Hollywood. The Cafe is mentioned in his book "Time to kill" several times.

Wow, pretty much history going on here. I better leave some good impression, just in case ;-)

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