16 May 2014

Rhubarb Syrup Recipe

I got a big bunch of rhubarb from my Mom´s college. Thanks a lot by the way :-)

I love it. I loved it when I was a little kid and my grandma used to make me compote every day when it was rhubarb season.
Anyway huzzy is not the biggest fan of rhubarb, so I had to figure out what to do whit it.
I stumbled upon this recipe to make syrup out of it.

I guess this also works pretty good with prosecco as a long drink. Fancy!

Here we go:
1kg rhubarb
1l water
juice of two lemons
1kg sugar
rosemary if you fancy
empty bottles that can be closed properly

Prepare the rhubarb, wash it and cut it in pieces. You don´t have to peel it.
Boil it for 30minutes with the water and the lemon juice. Run it to a strainer, squeeze it a little so you get all the liquid.
Pour it back in the pot with the sugar and boil it till sugar is dissolved.
Now you can add the rosemary for a few minutes.

Pour it hot(!) in the sterilized bottles and enjoy!

13 May 2014

Concrete Vases DIY

Well, concrete is all over right now. Also here on Crafts mit Herz.
As we´ve been renovating our new house, I also had some concrete and some time left over.

I made some concrete vases with plastic cups as moulds, it´s pretty easy you gotta try it!

So what you need:
plastic cups in two sizes
something strong to stir, I used a little shovel
stones as weight

Mix concrete and water following the instruction given on the concrete bag. Wear gloves and a mouth protection so you do not breathe in the dust! Mix until it has a doughy consistency.

Pour the concrete in the bigger cup, so it´s round about 60% full, and push in the smaller cup. The smaller cup needs to stay in place so fill it up with stones, gravel, whatever you have on hand.
Make sure everything is where it´s supposed to be and let it dry.

So now comes the hard part. Wait at least 24hours before you get the vases out of the mould.
Trust me. Get the small cup out and than peel off the big one.

Voila! You got some cute vases. They look good in the garden and inside!

08 May 2014

Garden Journal Freebie

I´m spending all my free time in the garden right now.
Planting, re-arranging, decorating, building, and more planting. :-)

So I figured I need a garden journal to keep up with all my plants and how to take care of them.
Shopping around at websites for books you probably know pretty good, I didn´t find exactly that journal that would meet my needs. I just needed a simple journal I can "catalogue" my plants with a few extra pages.

Well, I just made my own, where I can scribble, doodle, and keep up with all the plants and (p)inspirations I´ve collected. I added a sheet for companion planting I found here.

So you can download the English version and German version, print it with your printer and bind it as you please.
I used a thermal binding machine I got lately for 5 bucks.

Have fun!