08 May 2014

Garden Journal Freebie

I´m spending all my free time in the garden right now.
Planting, re-arranging, decorating, building, and more planting. :-)

So I figured I need a garden journal to keep up with all my plants and how to take care of them.
Shopping around at websites for books you probably know pretty good, I didn´t find exactly that journal that would meet my needs. I just needed a simple journal I can "catalogue" my plants with a few extra pages.

Well, I just made my own, where I can scribble, doodle, and keep up with all the plants and (p)inspirations I´ve collected. I added a sheet for companion planting I found here.

So you can download the English version and German version, print it with your printer and bind it as you please.
I used a thermal binding machine I got lately for 5 bucks.

Have fun!

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