26 July 2014

Lazy Susan

You probably know these type of purchases, the ones laying around forever unused. 
So I have this lazy susan for a few years now, but actually never used it, because I didn´t like it so much. 

I got this wonderful paint in green mint for this project and I had a good bit left over. Long story short, I´ll just paint more items with that. 

To spruce it up, I decided to have a writing on. 

Cut contact paper in the words you please, pell the foil off and put it on the tray. 
Than just paint according directions given on can all over. Once paint is dry, peel off the contact paper and voila! 
I had to touch it up a bit with nail polish remover, where the paint ran under the contact paper. 
I applied two coats of clear wax to seal it.

25 July 2014

Weekend DIY | Yellow

Hi guys,

time for a Weekend DIY, this time: Yellow

Let´s keep something bright in our homes!

Concrete Place Cards DIY

I love to work with concrete. It´s so versatile and easy!
The only thing is you have to have patience, well... I´m not very good at that :-) 

Anyway I made a batch of place cards out of concrete. You won´t imagine how easy that is. 

All you need is:
icetray in any shape

Follow instruction from my previous post and mix your concrete. 

Fill the concrete mix in the icetray and now: wait. 
At least 24h before you get the pieces out. Trust me. 
Once it is dried, get the pieces out and sand if necessary; or you just stick with the rough look, whatever you like. Now you can write or scribble on them, I used a white chalk marker so the place cards will be reusable.

From Yikes to Yeah!

Huzzy got this little piece of furniture from a friend, he was cleaning his basement out. 
So first thing, go to this little shop downtown to get some paint. 

I picked a greenish color called green tea. It´s a chalk paint type, and so the painting was easy. 
Just cleaned that piece and did 2 coat of paint. After 24h drying time, I applied a coat of wax. 
I figured one would be enough, as this is not a high frequented furniture piece.

I love that color btw and it was an quite easy job. Chalk paint is just soo easy!

24 July 2014

New Facelift With Hurdles

It is time for a change.
I just changed the appearance of my blog slightly to be a little more trendy :-)

Just had a nervous breakdown, when I did the changes, as my sidebar was gone. Well, not gone but all the way down to the bottom. After some research I figured out it had nothing to do with the changes, but with posts written in html. So I went back to the WYSIWYG mode and tada: sidebar back on track.

So if you ever face your sidebar gone, better on the bottom just change your writing mode to WYSIWYG not html.

What you think of the new layout? hurdles




23 July 2014

Gardener´s Soap

When you are a gardener like me you know for sure this problem: dirty, dirty hands. Not to talk about the fingernails! 
Well, I figured I need a soap that exfoliates and is handy enough to keep in the garden. 

So here it is: Gardener´s soap!
Basically it is a bar of soap in a drawstring bag out of burlap/jute. It will clean your hands and get rid of that dirty dirt!

You need:
1 bar of your favourite soap, I used a organic one, lavender and rosemary
scissors and a needle

First, cut a piece of burlap to cover your soap bar. Basically we gonna stitch up a little bag for the soap.
I seamed one side, folded the other over the soap bar and stitched it up.
Next step is to close the bottom, by simply sew the two sides together. Remove soap, so it is easier to work with.

Once you got a bag, that is open on top, put the soap back in. Stitch your twine with a running stitch through like a drawstring. Cut the burlap about 1 1/2 inch over the drawstring. And you´re done!

19 July 2014

Abandoned Minigolf Course

When I was little, my family and I used to go to this minigolf course in our hometown.
I spent there happy hours trying to get the ball in the hole. Not quite successful, hadn´t changed much :-)

I totally forgot about this lovely childhood spot, but just recently it came to my mind, as we now live close by. They closed it down, but the course is still there, hidden in the woods....

I´ll probably go there again and try some HDR pictures.