26 July 2014

Lazy Susan

You probably know these type of purchases, the ones laying around forever unused. 
So I have this lazy susan for a few years now, but actually never used it, because I didn´t like it so much. 

I got this wonderful paint in green mint for this project and I had a good bit left over. Long story short, I´ll just paint more items with that. 

To spruce it up, I decided to have a writing on. 

Cut contact paper in the words you please, pell the foil off and put it on the tray. 
Than just paint according directions given on can all over. Once paint is dry, peel off the contact paper and voila! 
I had to touch it up a bit with nail polish remover, where the paint ran under the contact paper. 
I applied two coats of clear wax to seal it.

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