11 February 2015

I love snow

...and the sound it makes, when you step on.
I love the quietness, calmness and peacefulness.

xo, VIV

08 February 2015

Heart Garland ♥

Valentines´s Day is getting close. Just bring some love in your home 
I love to crochet right now, so I just whipped up a little garland during breakfast. 

Get your yarn and hook ready 

It´ll work with any kind of yarn, just make sure you use recommended hooks.
I´m gonna stitch "be mine" in the hearts later so I made 9 hearts.

  • Start with a magic ring and crochet 7 single stitches, close round.
  • 3 chain st
  • 5 double crochet in first stitch
  • half double crochet in next 2 stitches
  • in 4th stitch work one double, chain two and make another double in the same stitch; You basically made two doubles in the 4th stitch, that´s gonna be the pointy end.
  • half double crochet in next 2 stitches
  • 5 double crochet in last stitch, chain 3 and chain in 7th stitch
  • get yarn to back, sew up
  • repeat until desired number of hearts

For the actual garland chain 25, chain next stitch to one heart and chain another 8, chain next stitch to one heart and so on. End with 25 chain stitches.

Now you are ready to hang your garland!

xo, VIV

What About A Headband?

Do you love messy buns like me? That´s the only type of hair do I´m actual able to, so I´m wearing it every single day. Downside of this is you can´t wear beanies without letting your hair down, Well, you could, but I do not prefer the conehead look.
Anyway hairbands are pretty and easy to crochet, just takes an hour or so.

Make yourself one:

Start with chain stitch of circumference of your head, close round and single crochet until desired height around 3 - 4 inches.

For the bow crochet a rectangle 4x3 inches.

Sew up and wrap the thread around the headband, so it looks like this:

Stitch the bow to it and done!

xo, VIV