08 February 2015

What About A Headband?

Do you love messy buns like me? That´s the only type of hair do I´m actual able to, so I´m wearing it every single day. Downside of this is you can´t wear beanies without letting your hair down, Well, you could, but I do not prefer the conehead look.
Anyway hairbands are pretty and easy to crochet, just takes an hour or so.

Make yourself one:

Start with chain stitch of circumference of your head, close round and single crochet until desired height around 3 - 4 inches.

For the bow crochet a rectangle 4x3 inches.

Sew up and wrap the thread around the headband, so it looks like this:

Stitch the bow to it and done!

xo, VIV

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