01 March 2015

Paper Roll Banner

You see those banners all over blog- / Pinterest-world?
Do you fancy them as I do?

Well, I got some for you.
I was strolling through the close by IKEA and found this paper roll MÅLA
A new idea was born: Create an changeable banner within minutes.
I know myself and I get bored of writings or quotes pretty quick.
With this DIY you can whip up a new banner for different occasions or rooms pretty fast and easy.
I guess I make another one for the kitchen to write the menu on it.

Just a few items are necessary:

paper roll, e.g MÅLA
wooden dowel a little longer than your paper roll
twine or any kind of rope you have on hand.

All you have to do is to get the dowel through the roll and fix the twine on both sides so you can hang it. Just play around with the lenght of the twine.

Ready to write your meassage!

xo, VIV

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